Types of Pipe for Plumbing

copper pipe

Do you know what type of plumbing your home uses? You can often identify the pipes if you venture down to your basement. There you will see pipes leading from utility sinks as well as laundry machines and hot water heaters.

There are a few common pipes used for plumbing. You should know which type your home uses in case you are ever attempt a DIY plumbing repair or want pricing information from a plumber over the phone.

Here are the common pipes used for residential plumbing:


You will find that stainless steel pipe is the most visually appealing of all of the residential plumbing pipe on the list. Some homeowners will confuse stainless steel and galvanized but galvanized pipes are much more resistant to rust. Stainless steel pipes require custom couplings in order to attach to different plumbing in the walls or beneath the floorboards.


Copper pipe are the most common types of pipes for plumbing in homes. You should familiarize yourself with this type of pipe if you intend to try DIY plumbing projects on your own. Copper is very durable and rust-resistant. The material is also excellent for both hot and cold water. The downside of copper pipe is that they must be soldered together periodically throughout their construction.

Learn how to solder copper in the video below.


PVC pipe are often reserved for sewage and drain plumbing and not standard plumbing in a home or business. The size and width of PVC pipe vary based on their application. You do not need to worry about rust or soldering when it comes to PVC pipe in your home.


There was a time when galvanized pipe were the most common types of plumbing pipes in homes but their tendency to rust led to other alternatives gaining in popularity. You will notice rust in the water in homes with very old galvanized plumbing.


Brass is the highest quality of plumping pipe. The material is extremely rust-resistant and easy to work with. Brass pipe will last a very long time in a home and are a very good investment if you don’t want to deal with plumbing issues very often in your home.


PEX pipe is the newest offering in home plumbing. The material is plastic and flexible and there is no risk of rust. PEX pipe is very easy to install and it won’t leak near as much as copper pipe. The initial cost of PEX pipe can deter some homeowners but we feel it is worth it. The only downside of PEX pipe is that it cannot be used outdoors as it is not UV resistant.

We would recommend copper, PEX or brass pipe for the plumbing in your home. Plumbers and local hardware stores are familiar with copper and can help you with a project whereas PEX is a new material that not all stores will be familiar with. Brass is an upgrade of copper and is an excellent invest for your home.

Plumbing is an important aspect in the construction of the home and the plumbing pipe is something to consider before repairs and new projects.