How to Choose Between Hardwood & Tile Floor

kitchen floor

Our last post discussed whether you need to install new carpet. But what if you prefer a hard surface floor instead?

The hardwood floors are a traditional choice for home finishing, they give it a rich and beautiful look. These floors are being used for many years in the U.S. but now they have gained huge popularity in other countries as well. They add a seamless, stunning and warm appearance to the rooms. Most of the homeowners these days prefer to use Hardwood floors for their kitchen.

On the other side, the modern house designers are considering tiles as the best choice for refinishing floors, especially bathrooms and kitchen. The fact is that both these flooring options have their unique pros and cons. It is good to make detailed comparison before you make the decision to install any of these.

Cohesion in the House:

Tiles are a great choice for the kitchen because it is much easier to clean the mess created by sauces or during cooking. You can maintain its texture and shine for years with basic cleaning efforts. People who are more attracted towards open concept design for the home will find tiles best choice as they can easily create a sense of separation between rooms.

However, this feeling of separation is suitable only for those homeowners who are new to this open floor concept. In case if you are the one who is already bored with the open concept will find hardwood floors best choice for flooring. They can create cohesion in different rooms with an attractive finish.

Cost Effective:

The great news for homeowners that are already frustrated with too many expenses involved in home designing is that hardwood floors are the most budget-friendly choice for your home. They can save you much amount of purchasing material as well as for installation because they can be installed without professionals. Also, if you install them with special wood floor oil, they will add more beauty to your living space. Indeed, hardwood floors will help you to complete the installation without frustration. But in case of tile floors, you have to be careful at every next step, during the selection of colors, textures, for installation and for maintenance as well. Tile flooring is a costly affair for your expensive home designing project.


If you want to save more on maintenance also, hardwood floors will definitely be a great choice for your needs. They rarely face critical damage and are often easier to fix with DIY techniques. Homeowners can simply replace the damaged planks with new ones and then coat it with desired oil to make a perfect match with the older one. But the tiles demand more efforts for maintenance and replacement. You may have to tear entire floor even if only one tile is damaged in between.

However, if you are more curious to add unique appearance to your home with a modern look it is good to choose latest colors, styles, and textures of tile flooring. But if you prefer a warm and comfortable look then hardwood floors are the best choice for you. Considering all these facts prefer to choose your flooring wisely.