Do You Need a New Water Heater?

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A lot of people don’t really know when they need a new water heater. There are lots of signs indicating that your heater needs to be replaced. The most common sign is that your heater does not heat the water at all or no longer heats as rapidly as it does in the past.

However, if you observe your heater getting colder on the outside, it might just be that you need to adjust your tank’s heat setting. It is common that cooler weather usually results in your heater working harder to retain its current temperature than in the warmer months. But if your adjustment stops working or fails to work, you might need a need water heater.

If you notice that you have to wait longer than usual for your water to heat, this is a good indication that you need new system.

You shouldn’t have the impression that the problem will correct itself or wait too long for some miracle, especially if your heater is really old.

Another good indication is if there is a leak on the tank itself. If it is a tiny leak, you can easily repair it yourself, but if it is a seam leak caused by rusting, weatherization or damage; then they are always difficult to repair and you will need to get a new system.

If your unit needs just little patching, make sure you keep an eye on the tank as time goes on to be sure the patch doesn’t come off.

You might have to even weld your system to ensure perfect solution in some cases. If you’re to follow this step, please ensure to seek a professional so that there is no further damage.

Another good indication letting you know it is time to change your water heater is the age. Water heater units are designed to last an average of 15-20 years. So if your heater is getting beyond that age, you should start setting aside some money for a new one.

Water heater systems above this age may start misbehaving, the efficiency will start to reduce. It is simply reminding you it’s time for a change. However, you should not consider age as the main factor for changing your water heater, you should always check other things like the plumbing pipe coming from you water heater unit too.