Do You Need a New Air Conditioner?

air conditioner unit

Our last post discussed signs you might need a new furnace. Today, we’ll do the same for your air conditioning unit.

Can you tell when your HVAC system needs replacement? When is the right time to get one?

Replacing your HVAC isn’t a decision that always happens when you plan for it to. If lately, the HVAC system has been malfunctioning, getting a replacement early may be the right call and the best decision.

Do not wait for it to fail completely, hence forcing you to make hurried decisions. Considering carefully the HVAC system’s lifespan can help you to make a cost-effective and appropriate decision.

To help in your decision making, the listed factors below are necessary to note:

Utility Bills Gradually Get Bigger

An increase in the utility bills says a lot about the system’s inefficiency. If your air conditioner is starting to develop problems, its efficiency will reduce and this will have an effect on your increasing bills.

When there is a sudden fluctuation in your utility bills, it may be as a result of your air conditioner that may need repairs, maintenance or a complete replacement.

The System is Old

All products have their lifespan including HVAC appliances. The life spans could vary due to local conditions, but air conditioners generally last for about 7 to 14 years. Boilers and furnaces last for about 15-20 years.

Appliances that are old are only one repair away from being done. Even maintaining them could be expensive as the products may be off market. If old appliances are beginning to cost more, it is time for a replacement.

The Unit Often Breaks Down

Breaking down or total failure is a terrible issue. Any system that often breaks down or are problematic may need costly repairs to work properly again. It would be better to go for a new appliance altogether. The unit’s life may be extended a little after the repairs but buying a new one will help to avoid problems in the long run.

The Home isn’t Comfortable Anymore

Your HVAC system is meant to increase the comfort in your environment. But if your system is doing the opposite, it needs to be replaced. The reason for the decreased functioning could be lack of proper maintenance services which would require the services of an expert to resolve the issues. But if that doesn’t work out, a replacement should be the best decision.

The Appliance Smells and Produces Noises

If your HVAC system produces odd odors and noises, it’s an obvious sign that there is something wrong and a part of the appliance may be malfunctioning.

For example, a wire could be burning or leakage issue. It would be a right approach to do an immediate inspection to prevent the issue from increasing to a more dangerous level, hence taking a timely action to avoid trouble. You may also need a replacement afterwards, depending on the condition of the system.

You could attempt DIY installation of a new HVAC air conditioner but we would recommend you hire a local professional.